About me

The present brings hope of the far away light at the Horizon which one strives to see….

So what my pursuit is about? My quest is to enamour the cosmic space & engrave my penchant for effusive thoughts….

Who am I ?

I’m an ebullient Indian.

Quite heavy to read, ain’t it?πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

This blog is my memorabilia of my acquired cooking skills. Why is this blog called keuken potpourri must be a thought…

“Keuken” in Dutch means kitchen & also cuisine. Why Dutch, I discovered my culinary side during my stay in Netherlands. And

My son let’s call him Master DSK is a picky eater like any toddler. Moreover he likes to be served with garnishing & proper presentation. If it’s well presented the chances that the plate will be finished empty are greater. He encourages my passion for cooking towards my Pursuit to excellence, thus acquired cooking skills.

My style I discovered is a mishmash…. I would attempt a dish of a particular cuisine but still there is always a hint of Indian tadka to it. Here in this blog u will find vegetarian recipes no eggs no meat also non garlic non onion recipes.

Presently, Iam a stay at home MomΒ Blogpost on Stay at home Moms looking after my toddler son. I also blog on random topics, I have my blogΒ Fecund RamblingsΒ at WordPress. I have my foodie side which is quenched by this food blog.

My food is inspired by recipes or things taught by my mom, Paati (grandmother -mother’s mother) Β & specific techniques, dishes by my Mother in law. I have to share this my Mother in law opened my view towards Gujrati cuisine. You will find many Rajasthani, Gujrati dishes in my blog. Finally the different cultures, people I have come across have inspired me. Indian cuisine is a never ending tunnel of flavours & recipes… proud to be an Indian!!!!!!