Sauces & Jams, chutneys…

Sauces, chutneys, jams & preserves makes life easier… in the morning & dinner rush …. pre-prepared homemade sauces are a life saver.

you can make a few sauces well in advance or a few hours.

Coconut sauce Coconut sauce recipe

Coconut  chutney Coconut chutney

Green chutney & Sweet chutney

Guava chutney Guava dip/ chutney.

Pumpkin sauce … this can be used as a pasta sauce and/or pizza sauce. Pumpkin sauce & more

Pavbhaji Sauce Pavbhaji with a twist…

Sweet coconut milk sauce Sweet coconut milk sauce

Jams are a to go thing when in a hurry…

grab a slice of bread or a roti/ paratha, spread & one is good to go.

Jam o mania Jam -o-mania…

Apple jam

Carrot jam

Apricot jam

Strawberry jam

Strawberry compote / fruit preserve Berry preserve, desserts & more

Pineapple Jam

Homemade caramel sauce Homemade Caramel sauce


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